(5) Technical Support and After Sales Service

The character of AEC is a people-focused, market-driven company and is organized around its customers and markets. We always take the supporting and technical interaction with our clients into main consideration.

- Provide suggestions, design adjustment solutions and technical co-operations when our customers proposing a new project.

-  Treasure any suggestions by customer on our production techniques  and design optimization to improve ourselves to satisfy the market.

- Provide extra technical support when customers have any specific requirements.

-  Attach application instructions like soldering and reflow soldering guidance to any new user. This can prevent any problems during their application

-  Gain deep consumer knowledge and understanding to solidify our strategy for the coming years and is the basis of the innovation roadmap we have identified for our sector.

Once, we had German and Holland clients required their products with custom-made taping. As a people-focused, market-driven company, we restarted the modeling and customized their required taping without extra charge.
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