(6) AEC Product Characteristics

After years of effort, company created a series of recognition and has been praised by customers of the product features.

1. A wide range of variety product

AEC company's products, which mainly made of crystal, ceramic and dielectric materials. From low to high frequency, from the pin to surface mount, from the general specifications to the exact requirements from the ordinary, various series of product, wide range of thousands of models which numerous in our product category.

(A) For example: The products of Tuning fork crystal most commonly used from Pin Type DT38,DT26 to high-end requirement model ZMR206BJ,ZM145,ZM415 which can be usual provide, please refer to: (PDF)
(B) For example: Tcxo Series of products: For Pin type products that made with different sizes of materials, also required different size of package, please refer to: (PDF)
(C) For example: The ceramic series of products, cylinder pin type ZTTRS model, with smd package ZTTWS model, also required smd minimize size of ZTTCE series, please refer to: (PDF)

The features: Which can meet the needs of different users, favorable choice of customer.

2. The production of product is continued high-end and getting minimized in size

Our company can provide products of high precision like: crystal Resonator, crystal filters and saw resonator.

For example: 6035 (4) crystal resonator 14.7456 MHZ tolerance: ± 5ppm ,and stability: ±3ppm (-10℃~+50℃)

The features: To meet the needs of high-end customer products, which enrich the market development of our client.

3. Substitution of brand-name product features meet market demand

Our company mainly provides crystal, saw, ceramic and dielectric products. Most of them can replace others world known manufacturers with the same level of model. The product quality is highly competitive and also helps to reduce the cost of customer.
In the fierce market competition, it helps to accelerate the development of the market for our customer to gain actual benefits.

For example: The series of Tuning fork crystal, please refer to: (PDF)

The features: It's help customers reduce the cost of production development from the market.

4. After our product delivered to our client, we will keep on tracking the product test data to ensure the quality is reliable.

Every product we are delivered to users, which all comes with factory test data also the user is easy to verification validity of test data.
The relevance of testing equipment, which helps to ensure the performance of product quality.

The features: Useful for the user to confirm standards to ensure product quality.

5. Since the product delivered users we will provide a product use guidelines.

For many years of experience and contacts with different customers we found that some users are not familiar with the normative content and therefore lead to unnecessary errors occur. For this reason we prepared a particular use of guiding the product information handbook which helps our client to solve different kind of practical problems.

For example: The soldering problem of tuning fork crystal, please refer to: (PDF)

The features: Proper use will help users avoid and minimize errors occur.

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