(8) AEC Philosophy and Core Competitiveness

  • Carry out our duties and promises in an honest and ethical way by ensuring that business policies and practices are aligned with ethical principles.
  • Improved on product quality and services is our main goal to take word of mouth.
  • We concern clients’ developmental situations and care about clients’ vital interests. We seek to maintain an ongoing dialogue with our clients. We are committed to listen and learn from them, so that it is able to design and deliver the solutions they really want and need.In the after sale service, we would actively support our clients to meet their satisfactions.
  • Pursuing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and seeking to awards trust from our customers throughout business are our company direction.

All of the above are our company values which make us different. We would hold on to these values and our corporative team cultures (keep the credibility of our commitment, seek of high effectiveness, promote the study of innovation, and maintain our unity and love). Its goal is to guide our corporation’s development to fit into the worldwide. Not only paid attention to hardware capabilities, but also we concerned about our software enhancements.

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