(7) Certification and Green Culture

Environmental protection is one of the most challenges for human beings and which is a continuous inevitably subject. This topic aroused all nations' concerns. As a socially responsible company, AEC establishes the green culture with no delay .

The company is committed to continuously exploring the solutions successfully between economy and ecology. All our products comply with legislation and environmental standards, for example EU and China RoHS.

In addition, AEC's approach is based on the precautionary principle. Eliminating and minimizing the use of hazardous substances in our products and production processes has been one of our priorities since the start of our environmental activities.We have reasonable grounds for concern that a substance might cause severe or irreversible damage to health or the environment, we will gather and assess additional data. This may lead us to voluntarily take steps such as substituting substances we're concerned about with safer alternatives where they are available.



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